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Tour The Grounds:

Quigley Museum

The Quigley House is situated on its original site at the corner of South Lake Street and Milan Avenue. Built in 1832 by Mr. Joseph Quigley, it is one of the earliest examples of hand hewn sandstone architecture in the Amherst area.

Octagonal Barn

Originally located off Middle Ridge Road, this unique Octagonal Barn was disassembled, moved and rebuilt using Amish & Society volunteers. Like many other historic buildings here, this barn was threatened with demolition.

Hickory Tree Grange

One of only two buildings at the Sandstone Museum Center in its original location, the "Grange Hall" started out as a one-room schoolhouse. Built in 1879, this building went from schoolhouse to church before it became home to the local Hickory Tree Grange.

Harris/Dute House

The Harris-Dute House is the oldest building moved to the Sandstone Museum Center, a classic example of the "Greek Revival" style of architecture so common in rural America immediately before the Civil War.

Blacksmith Shop

Our Blacksmith Shop has been an instant success and is home to our "Fire and Iron: Blacksmithing" program. Our volunteer blacksmiths produce handrails, hinges, nails and other hardware for use throughout our Sandstone Museum Center.

St. George's Chapel

St. George's boasts the unique charm and beauty of a true country chapel. Built in 1882 as a one-room schoolhouse, it was converted into a sandstone chapel and used as an Episcopal church for many years until sold and converted into a duplex housing rental.

Amherst Auto Garage

On display in the Auto Garage are two vintage automobiles - a 1920 Model T Ford and a 1920's Model Chevy Stake Truck donated by Evan Nord.

Pig Barn

This charming stone building is made entirely of cut sandstone quarried around 1890-1900 from the Amherst Quarries and was used as a pigsty.  Located next to Octagonal Barn

Firelands Archaeological
Research Center

Built in 2008 using Amish and Historical Society volunteers.


Farrier Barn

The farrier shop was important because this was where one's horse received new horseshoes


Art Gallery

The Jenne Building is a replica of an early 1900 storefront.  Located in the building is the Art Gallery at Sandstone Center.